Underathens serves as a locus platform for artists, curators, writers, listeners, feelers and thinkers to show and share, connect and instigate multi-disciplinary experimentation.


Underathens introduces a new way of accessing the rehearsal space in order to secure artists’ privacy. Enter the studio using a digital key, provided to you upon booking completion. Any need in terms of sound engineer / recording and equipment should be communicated in advance. The more you play the less you pay. We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings.


There comes a time for almost every band when having a good demo becomes essential for building a solid fan base. You may choose to carry out a live recording or you may choose to carry out a multi-track recording. Musicians and sound engineer co-exist in the same hall (as there is no separated control room and booth), which works positively on the group concentration in music.


Never underestimate the time required for the post-production of your demo. The mixing process involves balancing the volume levels of the different elements of the tracks to achieve the desired sound. This is the time to sit with your recording engineer and get involved in the post-production process.


Mastering will add the ‘polish’ to your performance. It is important at this stage to double check that your engineer understands the desired format for the finished product. This will determine the setup for the finalized demo.

video & photography

Underathens has the perfect background for your next video. We can now film and record your performance. The video will be handed to you edited and ready for use

Exhibit & Perform

live streaming (TBA)

Experiencing ongoing transformation which calls for new ways of thinking, Underathens created the «Lost Monitor» sessions. Artists can now perform in a worldwide web live stage and get their music out the world.

Underathens is where artists of all generations share their new ideas and start public conversation, committed to experimentation, collaboration and advocacy


To book a session, you can contact the studio directly at +30 697740828 or by email


+30 6977404828 /

11 Avramiotou str. Monastiraki , Athens


+30 6977404828 /

11 Avramiotou str. Monastiraki , Athens